Would you be interested in serving on our board?

We’re looking for 3-4 self-starting leaders to join the board of our US organization. If that’s something you’d be willing to do, we’d love to hear from you,

A little background on the work

Ninos del Sol Association is a Peruvian organization that runs the Children’s Home.

The US-based organization is called Ninos del Sol Peru, Inc, and we support the Peruvian organization financially.

The board has hired a part-time contractor to handle the daily work of fundraising and donor communications.

That means the board’s actual workload is fairly light. It’s not directly overseeing the work being done in Peru, and board members aren’t responsible for regular fundraising activities.

The board’s primary job is financial oversight and legal compliance. Online meetings are held quarterly (although sometimes we have them more often). The routine work of the board is:

  • Approve an annual budget
  • Compare financial reports from Peru against that budget
  • Review reports from the contracted fundraiser and offer feedback as appropriate
  • Brainstorm solutions to problems that arise
  • You’ll be invited to participate in or support periodic activities like fundraising events, but that is voluntary

As a board member, you’ll be sent the financial reports ahead of each meeting to review so that each board member can bring questions to the meeting. It’s an investment of only a few hours, once every three months.

If you take on officer role in the future, you may have additional responsibilities.

What we’re looking for

Our ideal candidate would be someone with a strong connection to our Ninos and our Directors, Avishai and Viviana. It would be very helpful to have board members with experience in the nonprofit world, or with knowledge of accounting, legal, or management.

However, your desire to help and willingness to step into a leadership role mean the world to us, and we’ll carefully consider all candidates.

Use the form below to tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll follow up.

Thanks for your time and your interest in support Ninos del Sol!

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