What can one person do?

It’s impossible to help all the children in the world, or even in Peru. What can one person do?


Unless you’re Mama Kia, or Mother Theresa, or Ghandi, it feels like the answer is “not much.” But even the great humanitarians of history have been backed by a group, funded by the collective.

A small group of committed funders is all it will take to keep the doors open to children at Ninos Del Sol — and this program needs to continue. Why? Because we’re not just keeping children alive with bowls of gruel and a dreary roof over their heads. We are feeding their spirits, their minds, and their hearts.

Our kids are attending universities and colleges in Cusco. They are not just surviving, but exceling. These are the future leaders of Peru, and the future board of directors of Niños Del Sol (one of our older boys is already serving on the board). Some are studying economics and chemical engineering. Others have more modest goals, but they will be the parents and citizens of the future.

Your small investment in these children will flow into the future like pond ripples.

You can have a tremendous impact on the future  with a small, tax-deductible monthly donation. Click here now to set up a monthly donation you can afford (as little as $15 a month).

That’s what one person can do. And for any one of these children, it’s lifechanging.


Learn more about us at www.NinosDelSol.org

~ Lauren Haas

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