We need you now.

We need just $2060 more each month to cover our expenses. Will you help?

If 83 new donors each gave a small gift of $25/month, all our kids would be assured of a home and an education.

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Update: We’ve added $592/month since this campaign began. We need only $1468 more!


Imagine having only 80% of the income that you need to cover your family’s bills, and hoping every month for a miracle to keep the roof over your head. We’ve been in that position for years now, and we’ve been very fortunate that a large donation or a big Giving Tuesday event comes along every now and then to keep Niños del Sol running.

But sometimes we still struggle. It’s time for us to make a final push to close the gap, so we have enough monthly income to pay our bills and our staff can focus on caring for traumatized teenagers instead of worrying about the bills and whether they’ll get a paycheck this month.

We don’t receive any government funding or grants. Zero. All of our income comes from private donors like you, our Global Family.

Now imagine this.

We love visits from our Global Family! Come be part of the joy you’re creating.

Imagine knowing that a Peruvian orphan is graduating college and breaking the cycle of poverty in their family for all future generations — because of you. Imagine visiting us in Peru, sitting down at our table and seeing the joyful faces of these loving, open-hearted kids as they gather to enjoy a nourishing meal together.

Imagine an abandoned, abused child who might have grown up illiterate, frightened, and bitter — but is instead becoming a powerful, educated professional capable of being a positive force in their community. Imagine what it would feel like to know you saved that child and gave them the opportunity to be nurtured and supported.

Here’s the donation form to sponsor these kids.

Any size monthly donation is welcome and appreciated.

Or, scroll down below the form if you’d like to read more about our financial history, our current needs, and our future.

Our financial history

Our founder, Mama Kia, was very well-connected and did a beautiful job building support for the orphaned and abandoned kids she took in when she created this home. During her time, the monthly budget was three times what it is now – almost $30,000 a month! When Mama Kia passed away in 2010, those sources of funding stopped abruptly and the kids endured a very dark time.

We’ve cut a lot of corners, so we can get by on less than 1/3 the funding we used to enjoy. But we’re not there yet.

Fortunately, a man named John (who prefers to remain anonymous) found the kids and committed to supporting them all by himself! He hired Viviana and Avishai and brought things to a much more stable position. But in 2014, John announced that he would be reducing his monthly gift to $1,000 — still a very generous gift, but not enough to support a children’s home!

There were NO other donors then. For a while it looked like we might have to close the doors. It would have been a third orphaning for our kids. We couldn’t let that happen.

So we reached out through Facebook and e-mail and built this website. It took two years to build our funding to a viable level, and during that time our staff often worked without pay and we were in constant danger. It’s been a rough road, and discouraging at times, but over the last 18 months we’ve had a return to security. Our monthly income has now grown to $7600, or 80% of what we need. The other $2060 has been coming in one way or another, through occasional large donations or special events like Giving Tuesday.

But once again, this month, we’re struggling to cover our expenses and pay our staff. It’s time to close this gap, once and for all.

The Future

The kids are growing up, and we’re not taking in little ones anymore. When our youngest, Soledad, graduates college in about 12 years, we may continue some kind of college support program for Peruvian orphans, but we don’t plan to operate a home.

Our budget hasn’t increased in two years, and our financial needs will be shrinking rather than growing in the years to come. If you can help us achieve our income goals now, the future for all of these kids is pretty much assured.

Questions? Please reach out to me any time — Lauren@ninosdelsol.org

Lauren Haas
US Board Chair
Ninos del Sol Peru, Inc

3 Replies to “We need you now.”

  1. Thanks Lauren for this outreach, and for telling the story as it is.
    Thanks friends and family for all you have been giving, and thanks for any new donors joining our global family!
    We can not do any of this work without Your support.
    We give blessings and gratitude to our international family of support regularly, during celebrations and gatherings.
    Muchas Gracias Familia!!

  2. Wow, Thank you so much for this incredible honesty – I´m sure you´ll get what you deserve.
    Please always take the chance of get and keep in contact with the band “böhse onkelz”, especially Stephan Weidner alias “Der W” as solo artist, who met Mama Kia once and shared it to our fans like me by charity action with special Peruvian T-shirts on christmas – perhaps that would be also an idea someday. Namasté, God bless you all and el díos contigo ! Stay strong…

  3. Will do, thank you! The band has been kind to us in the past, we appreciate them very much. In recent times they’ve (understandably) chosen to focus their attention on Syrian refugees, which is an issue that is closer at hand for them and for their fans. But we do try to stay in touch.

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