We need you!

Can you help us?

We are in need of volunteer help in several areas, both in Peru to supervise the kids and in the U.S (Spanish translation, grant writing, and WordPress help).

In Peru

We currently have no volunteers at the Casa to help with the kids, so this is an urgent need. Volunteering at the Casa has been a life changing experience for many people, and we appreciate the volunteering requests we get from visitors who want to help out. But we are very choosy about the primary volunteers who take responsibility for our kids’ care. Our ideal candidate will:

  • Speak Spanish well enough to communicate with the kids on a daily basis
  • Be available to stay with us long-term (6 months or more)
  • Have experience working with kids, particularly teenagers
  • Pass an Interpol background check
  • Contribute a token amount to help pay room and board (about $100 a month is what we look for)

If this describes you, and especially if you are available immediately, please contact Avishai at Avishaip@gmail.com to discuss the opportunity.

In the U.S.

Our U.S. board could use some part-time, occasional, and project-based help. If you have experience in the following areas, please contact me at Lauren@LaurenHaas.com:

Translation: Occasionally we need documents translated from Spanish into English and vice-versa. This might include hand-written documents, Excel spreadsheets (just the text portions), video clips, or e-mails. We don’t need this kind of help very often, but when we do need it, we usually need it done quickly. The ideal candidate will be familiar with Peruvian dialect

WordPress: Joshua and I are in the process of moving this site to a WordPress site. We both have experience with WordPress, but neither of us has much time. It would be wonderful to have some help porting the existing pages and blog posts over and replicating some of the reporting and social media functions we currently have in place. The ideal candidate will be very experienced with a wide variety of WordPress functionality, plug-ins, and integrating with Paypal.

Grantwriting: Anyone with any experience in grantwriting out there? We need help (or training) in all facets, from seeking opportunities to crafting successful applications. The ideal candidate has more experience than me, which is ANY AT ALL.

Again if you can help with any of the above please e-mail me at Lauren@Laurenhaas.com

None of these are a fit for you, but you still want to help?

Good! We need you. Watch this space for opportunities to help us raise funds, which is our number one need at the moment. I’ll be creating a page with some ideas for you soon!

The best way to help

Also, remember that what we need most are regular monthly donations, even if they are small.

Now is a great time to get in your end-of-year donation for tax purposes, too!

We appreciate you all, and thank you from the bottoms of hearts for your support. What we are accomplishing with these kids is amazing, but we cannot continue this work without your help.

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