We Need Volunteers in the U.S.!

Support the U.S. Board

Nearly all of our financial support is managed through the U.S. Board, which is made up of five volunteers who give as much time as we can. The board is rich with ideas but short on manpower. We need help coordinating our fundraising activities, social media, newsletters, etc.

If you can donate 5-10 hours per week and have experience with any of the following, we need you!

– Blogging/social media (WordPress, Buffer & Mailchimp skills)
– Clerical/communications (Bookkeeping/Mailchimp/Microsoft Word)
– Fundraising/grant writing experience
– Import/auction/online store experience

We need independent self-starters who don’t need a lot of direction, as we have no staff to offer any training or supervision in these roles (I’m available to answer questions and have loads of ideas to pass along).

If you’re interested, e-mail me at ninosdelsol2@gmail.com with your relevant skills & experience and your experience in working independently.

Board Membership

We’re occasionally asked about the path to becoming a board member. It’s our intention in the future to invite new supporters in as volunteers first, and offer board membership to those who are consistently working on behalf of the Niños.

Heading to Peru?

We always need long-term (6 month or more) Spanish-speaking volunteers to work with the kids in Urabamba. We also love visitors, especially if they’re interested in doing a service project with us. Visitors who will share their photos and stories with their friends and family and help us encourage new monthly donors are the most valuable resource we have.

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