Get Involved

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Ninos del Sol in the Sacred Valley!

If you are headed to Peru in the near future — or even if you’re not! — we’d love to have your help. There are several ways to get involved:

  • Fundraising
  • Long-term Volunteers in Peru
  • Service Projects for Visitors
  • Support the U.S. Board
  • Come visit us!


We are always in need of cash, more than anything else. Paying the bills every month is our biggest challenge. If you have a strong social network, or you are part of a group that would be willing to help, please drop me a line and I will help you set something up!

Facebook fundraisers (Birthday or just-because) are also welcome.

Long-term Volunteers

Quality volunteers are vital to our organization. Protecting the children and providing them with stability are our first priority, of course, so we are looking for volunteers who:

  1. Can stay for six months to a year
  2. Speak excellent Spanish (this is vital in order to supervise the kids and bond with them)
  3. Enjoys working with teenagers
  4. Pass an Interpol background check
  5. Pay a flat fee of US$720 to help cover costs of room and board. (breaks down to $60-120 per month depending on how long you stay)

In return, we offer lodging in the Sacred Valley, plenty of free time to explore the wonders of Peru, meals with the kids, and a life-changing experience. It’s a huge commitment and a lot of work, but it’s also a life-changing adventure and an opportunity to learn deeply about yourself, nourish your spirit, and build strong cross-cultural relationships. Our staff will return your efforts by supporting you in your life goals any way we can.  Click here to apply.

Service Projects

This is an ideal option for individuals, groups, and travel bloggers. We’ve had people help build a greenhouse, take the kids shopping for coats and shoes, or tackle building projects like a greenhouse or treehouse for the kids. We’ve also hosted professional filmmakers, horticulturists, and other professionals.

Contact Lauren ([email protected]) if you’d like to do an individual or group service project. She’d love to hear your ideas or offer some of her own. Service projects generally involve some fundraising — that’s a fact of life for a struggling children’s home — but Lauren will be happy to help you set up a successful GoFundMe campaign.

Come visit us!

Our casa es su casa. We are always delighted to find space for our donors to visit us so you can get to know the kids and our directors, Viviana and Avishai. We can also help you arrange hikes, activities, retreats, spiritual experiences, and transportation around the Sacred Valley. E-mail Avishai at [email protected] for more information.

Support the U.S. Board

Nearly all of our financial support is managed through the U.S. Board, which is made up of volunteers who give as much time as we can. The board is rich with ideas but short on manpower. We need help in coordinating our fundraising activities, social media, newsletters, etc.

If you can donate 2-5 hours per week and have experience with any of the following, we need you!

  • Blogging/social media (WordPress, Buffer & Mailchimp skills)
  • Bookkeeping (we use Accountedge Pro)
  • Clerical/communications (Bookkeeping/Mailchimp/Microsoft Word)
  • Fundraising/grant writing experience
  •  Import/auction/online store experience.

If you’re interested, e-mail me at [email protected] with your relevant skills & experience.