Urgent Fundraiser

We are about $3,000 short this month of being able to send enough money to Peru to cover all the bills (salaries, rents, tuition, etc).

Why is there a shortage?

When Mama Kia passed away in 2010, we lost all our funding almost overnight. All of it.

It was a very dark time for us — the kids were orphaned a second time, and they lost their home. Over the next few years, they had to move several times. For a while, there was one donor who covered all the expenses, but in 2014 he had to withdraw much of his support and we started fundraising and building a base from nothing.

Our expenses have INCREASED since then, as we added the apartment in Cusco and support for our kids attending colleges. We’ve built a monthly income that covers mst of our expenses, but when a few months go by without any large one-time gifts or events like Giving Tuesday, we still run into a crisis. This year, our crisis came a full month later than last year, so that’s an improvement!

Can you help us now?

I’m working hard on long-term solutions, but at the moment I’m also looking for help to cover any portion of that shortage — seriously, any amount helps!

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