The most harmonious time ~ Avishai

This update is from Avishai, our Associate Director. 

In our recent staff meeting, I found myself saying “In my view, this period of the last few months have been the most harmonious time we had at the Casa since Viviana and I started in 2013.”

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

Now, this is something to celebrate!

There are always challenges, on several levels, some with the Ninos themselves, others with financial issues, staff issues, or other tests and tribulations.

We have all been through intense tests over the last few years.

So what is different now? What makes us say that this is a more harmonious period?

I think all who visited the Casa in the last few months have commented on that aspect.

There are no big fights, no tensions, no conflicts, the Ninos and staff are getting along with one another, La Familia is strong, older helping younger, there is much creativity, mutual support playfulness and laughter.

Most chores are done by the Niños (now teenagers) willingly and on time, often with loud music in the kitchen…

Kelley, who has been the Assistant Director, House Mother, and Administrator for nearly 4 years is fulfilling her role beautifully and shows her love and care with all Ninos daily.

Nitzan and Romi, our Israeli volunteers have been with us for over 4 months and will stay until September, completing 6 months. They are solid, creative, mature and present with the Ninos and our projects. Romi has been inspired to add much art, creativity, and murals, and also making the kitchen and dining room more orderly and welcoming.

Nitzan delights us with very creative desserts, utilizing our heavy duty Vita-Mix more than ever before, and finding creative ways to recycle leftovers, a really important talent! Giving ongoing driving lessons with some of the older Ninos have also been a blessing, and soon some of them will be ready for the test.

Our longest standing staff member, Doña Benita the cook, has been with the Ninos for over 12 years, and provides nourishing, delicious meals during the week.

We emphasize using local, seasonal products, and most of our vegetables are harvested by the Ninos from a nearby organic farm, owned by our friend Javier, who has been donating produce to us weekly for over 3 years.

On the weekends while Benita is at her home, the Ninos cook, supported by the volunteers. Girls cook on Saturday, Boys on Sunday.

We are grateful for our staff!

We are also grateful daily for our international family of donors and supporters.

Without all of you we would not have been able to do what we are doing.

We extend our blessings to all our friends who visit, bring needed supplies and donations, stay in touch, keep the Ninos in your prayers and give what you can.

May you and your family continue to thrive in these interesting, challenging times.

Thanks again and again for sharing this wild ride with us, it takes a big international village to raise our happy, healthy Ninos!

~ Avishai

Note from Lauren:

Our donors have made this possible. It’s difficult to find harmony when you’re worried about losing your home, your staff is wondering if they’ll ever be paid, and the kids are competing over scarce resources to fulfill their needs.
Many of our new donors from last year are beginning to fall away. I hope you’ll consider joining us as an ongoing donor this year so our harmony can continue!

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