Some love for our donors

This spring, we had a campaign to send two of our young women for a year of volunteering on a kibbutz in Israel.

You, our friends and supporters, came through with everything we needed, and – after a few COVID-related bumps – we got them on a flight.

They had to quarantine for two weeks on landing and they’re settling into their new life now, meeting other volunteers from all over the world and learning about life in the desert (so different from their home in the lush Sacred Valley!)

I wanted to share directly some words of gratitude from the girls themselves.

Ray Shael sent this heartfelt video message

Guadalupe wrote this letter (translation courtesy of Google)

Hola a todos soy Guadalupe Centeno.

Escribo este mensaje para darles las gracias por todo el apoyo que recibí por parte de cada uno de ustedes.

Muchas gracias por darme está GRAN oportunidad de poder lograr y cumplir una meta más en mí vida.

Su apoyo me permitirá crecer en diferentes aspectos de mí vida, personales o de trabajo. Cada una de las cosas que he pasado me han permitido avanzar y crecer en la vida y aunque aveces no tuve como solventarlo , en está oportunidad gracias a ustedes pude lograr este nuevo sueño en mí vida, lo que hicieron por mí permitió que logrará una de las cosas que deseaba.

Voy aprendiendo poco a poco y eso se debe a las personas maravillosas que llegaron a mí vida como Viviana y Avishai quienes pusieron más luz, confianza y seguridad en mí, me enseñaron a crecer en la vida y aún sigo en ese camino de crecimiento. A Lauren quien fue la persona quien hizo los contactos y me ayudó con este proyecto para poder cumplir mí deseo( sueño) e hizo que este proceso sea más fácil, rápido y seguro para nosotras.

Estoy muy feliz y emocionada por esta nueva aventura y conocimiento

Muchas gracias por todo 😘

Hello everyone, I’m Guadalupe Centeno.

I am writing this message to thank you for all the support I received from each of you.
Thank you very much for giving me this GREAT opportunity to achieve and fulfill one more goal in my life.

Your support will allow me to grow in different aspects of my life, personal or work. Each of the things that I have gone through have allowed me to move forward and grow in life and although sometimes I did not have the way to solve it, this time thanks to you I was able to achieve this new dream in my life, what you did for me allowed me to achieve one of the things he wanted.

I am learning little by little and that is due to the wonderful people who came into my life like Viviana and Avishai who put more light, confidence and security in me, they taught me to grow in life and I am still on that path of growth. To Lauren who was the person who made the contacts and helped me with this project to fulfill my wish (dream) and made this process easier, faster and safer for us.

I am very happy and excited for this new adventure and knowledge.

Thank you very much for everything 😘

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