2020 Film Series

2020 film series

The Niños are working with their brother Jose (our in-house filmmaker) to create tutorial videos for you during their lockdown together in Peru.

This activity is keeping them engaged during the long pandemic lockdown while helping them bond in groups. Filmmaking lets the Niños fine-tune their scriptwriting and teaching skills, broaden their creativity, and practice speaking publicly with poise and polish.

Jose, who graduated with a degree in graphic art this year and wants to be a professional filmmaker, is working with Viviana’s sister Gaby (who is a film professor) to refine his shooting and editing skills.

Another volunteer is helping to subtitle everything in English for us. The whole project is keeping everyone engaged and moving their learning forward in fun new ways during their time away from formal classes.

At the end, we’ll be having an Oscars Night at the Casa to hand out awards in the categories of Most Interesting, Most Creative, and Most Funny/Engaging film from the series.

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