Social Distancing, Niños del Sol Style

Hello, Global Family!

We hope you’re all safe and well. For the first time in years, we have nearly all the Niños together. The older youths — who usually enjoy semi-independent living in our Cusco apartment while they attend universities and institutes — are staying with their younger siblings in the Casa in Urubamba.

The Niños are on their third week of staying at home. The outside world doesn’t exist. No one exits, no one enters.

One big happy family, sheltered from the outside world in these challenging times.

Our beloved Administrator, Kellye, has all the kids working together to clean and scrub the house.

All are well, playing, staying active, eating well, having a great time together.

Spanish Tutoring by Doris

If you’re looking for something to do while you’re isolated at home, consider practicing your Spanish with Doris.

She’s not able to travel this summer as she planned, but she’s offering her talents on as a way of earning money while she’s isolated on the kibbutz in Israel.

You get to support a hard-working Niña del Sol, chat with a lovely human, and practice your language skills all at the same time. Doris is a great tutor who works well with both adults and kids. The first 7 days are free, so give her a chance.

Love and blessings to all our international family. We hope you’re all staying safe and drawing close to your loved ones.

Time to increase our efforts for personal and planetary wellness!

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