Seeking a retreat in Peru?

Join Avishai for a Breema Retreat in Peru

August 1-11, 2024

This is a rare and unique opportunity to experience both the down-to-earth wisdom of Breema and the majestic, vital atmosphere of The Sacred Valley. Our retreat schedule has been carefully crafted so that those two elements seamlessly support each other, and truly, support us while we are together and after we’ve returned home.

The Niños Del Sol Children’s Home has a long history of being affiliated with spiritual growth, yoga, meditation, healing, and wellness retreats. Our founder, Mama Kia, ran a retreat center at Hanaq Pacha that helped fund the children’s home, and the kids have always benefitted from meeting the spiritual seekers and leaders who pass through the region.

Now we have a new location for individuals, families, and group leaders who want to host a retreat in Peru and align their karma with this remarkable Children’s Home at the same time.

Sacred Valley Retreat Center yoga retreat in peru

It’s a beautiful coincidence that our co-directors, Avishai and Viviana, have been hosting yoga, meditation, healing, and wellness retreats at their Sacred Valley Retreat B&B since before they joined the Niños, and they are continuing that work in support of our Children’s Home.

The Sacred Valley Retreat B&B is now converging with Samana Wasi Hostal in Urubamba, near the Niños’ home.  Samana Wasi takes care of keeping guests comfortable and providing breathtaking spaces for spiritual work, while Avishai and Viviana coordinate classes, tours, hikes, ceremonies, and meditations for their guests.

Yoga Retreat in peru

Samana Wasi offers comfortable rooms, some matrimonial, some shared, all with newly renovated private bathrooms and good hot showers. High-quality mattresses and beddings, sunny rooms, quiet, private setting, surrounded by dramatic mountains and splendid hikes. It’s the perfect location to host a retreat in Peru.

yoga retreat in peru

At Semana Wasi, you’ll have access to a Yoga studio, sprawling lawns, quiet outdoor sitting and meditation areas, and a sunny large dining room/kitchen with a fireplace and a piano.

yoga retreat in peru

Your group can bond and relax in a separate lodge that features six rooms and a large living room and kitchen.

Avishai and Viviana offer classes of Kundalini Yoga, Breema Bodywork (the Art of Being Present), Walking Meditations, and healthful organic cooking. Both are also available for personal Healing Sessions.

The older Niños and Avishai specialize in tailor-made hikes and explorations of nearby mountains, ruins and nature adventures, including camping trips in pristine mountain forests.

yoga retreat in peru

Meals at Samana Wasi are made of fresh, local, mostly organic produce. Meals are usually vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free and made from scratch. Special diets welcomed!

If you’d like to join the Niños for a nourishing, delectable meal made from fresh organic Sacred Valley produce, Avishai can arrange this as well.

Basic price for bed and breakfast is US$36 in shared rooms, US$50 private room. Group leaders, please ask about group discounts.

Our older Ninos are receiving salaries for working in hosting and cooking while they improve their hospitality, business, and English skills. All proceeds support Ninos del Sol.

Welcome Home!

To discuss your group’s needs, please e-mail Avishai at

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