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Joining us for a special meal is the perfect way to visit our children’s home in Peru. You’ll be invited into the Casa, where you can enjoy a delicious meal with some of the kids and see what life in this unique, loving home is really like. We’ll also give you a tour of the house and garden. Your meal helps support our work and lets the kids meet you with dignity and grace. 

Local, Organic, Freshly Made Food

  • Festive, vibrant salad
  • Deeply nourishing soups and stews
  • Fresh river trout, free-ranged poultry or alpaca, ancient Andean grains, tubers and legumes

Meals are mostly vegetarian, gluten-free, made with healthy oils and fats, nothing processed, canned, frozen or imported. Special diets welcome… Vegan, Paleo, Raw- we’ve got it all!

Some of our guests say that their lunch with us is their favorite meal in Peru!

Price is per person. If you have a group of 5 or more, consider letting our culinary Niños prepare a custom meal for you. 


All hikes, tours, and classes are led by friendly, experienced adolescent youth guides from Niños Del Sol Children’s Home.  Your payment, which is a tax-deductible donation in the United States, helps support the Niños Del Sol Children’s Home in Urubamba and our companion residence for college kids in Cusco.

Our adolescent and young adult Niños designed these programs on their own, guided by their lifelong interactions with tourists to the Sacred Valley. They’re learning business skills as well as practicing their English while they earn a part-time income and help support their home.

We are contacted by many tourists who want to visit our home, bringing gifts or offering the gift of their labor, but for kids, this is a better option. They are learning how to earn rather than passively receive, and they are meeting donors as equals, with something of value to offer in exchange for your donation. Thank you for supporting this program.

3 reviews for Lunch at our Casa

  1. Lauren Haas

    I brought two Women’s Adventure groups to Peru in early 2019, and both groups had lunch at the Niños del Sol casa. Everyone loved the fresh, organic food and the chance to meet some of the kids and to connect with local life in Urubamba was precious. Too often as travelers we’re looking at the Incan history of Peru and we don’t get an opportunity to make those deep connections with the people who are living here now,.

    Disclaimer: I serve on the board of this organization, but as a businesswoman I wouldn’t bring my groups here if I didn’t know that that the food and the experience would be outstanding.

  2. Lana Dakota

    I was one of those fortunate travelers who accompanied Lauren on a trip to Peru and Ninos del Sol casa in January 2019. It was my great pleasure to have a delicious lunch there as well as experience hiking tour guidance and meals prepared by these incredible young people as part of our trip! This organization is such a beautiful example of something grassroots being done right in the world. It served to anchor our trip’s cultural exploration in a grounded example of a sustainable spiritual model within Peru, for Peruvians, today. I was blessed to be there! You will be, too. ?

  3. Heidi Kuhrt

    Wonderful Experience. It was great to meet some of the children at the home and experience organic Peruvian cooking. Food is from the garden or a local farm. Meat is often raised by the home too. Delicious and nutritious plus it feeds the soul.

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