Precious gifts of love and learning

The common room is where our young people hang out, do homework, play games, and watch movies. It’s also filled with books.

We’ve been very fortunate to be gifted many books, in both English and Spanish, over the years. Of course, ow that all our so-called “Niños” are teens and young adults, their reading material needs have changed a lot.

Recently the youth at the casa got together for a thorough clean-up of the library.

They sorted all the books that they wanted to keep and packed up the books they had no use for. We donated many boxes of books to the daycare where 4 year old Gael (Maria Flor’s son) goes daily, as they also have a community library.

We’re forever grateful that our young people have grown up surrounded by books! Most of our kids have been at the top of their classes, and many of them are excelling in University and post-secondary programs.

We’re forever grateful for the generosity of our guests and donors. You have truly changed lives with your gifts!

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