Our Long-Term Plan

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I don’t know if I’ve fully spelled out the long-term plan for Niños del Sol for you.  So here it is!

When our founder, Mama Kia, got sick, we stopped bringing in new kids. Since she passed away in 2010, our mission has been to keep the kids she took in together. We wanted to make sure they grew up as siblings. And we wanted to continue enriching their lives with higher education, yoga, gardening, music, language, and arts. Our goal was for them to have the tools necessary to break the cycles of poverty and abuse in their families for all future generations. 

When the Catholic orphanage where Soledad’s sisters were living shut down, they came to live with us. So did Ivan, the brother of our Jose, when he needed support for higher education. Other than that, we haven’t brought in any new kids since 2010. 

Instead, as the kids grew, we put our energy into launching an apartment in Cusco so they could continue to have our support while they pursued higher education. We did this because we saw how much kids from our Children’s Home and other environments were struggling. Caring for children has no long-term impact if they‘re put out at age 18 with no degree, no family, and no support system.

That program has worked out beautifully, and our Niños are beginning to rapidly graduate and work as professionals in their fields. We couldn’t be prouder of them.

If you haven’t seen this video highlighting our recent grads, take a peek!

Meanwhile, the number of younger kids at the casa in Urubamba has been shrinking until there are just a handful left. That’s why we recently moved them to a smaller home. 

In March of 2025, we will be ready to close both the house in Urubamba and the apartment in Cusco. Our directors, Viviana and Avishai, have given many years of their lives to Niños del Sol and they are ready to pursue other visions. 

At that time, the youngest of the Niños will still be in college. They will be able to move in with their older siblings for the remaining years of their education. We’re hoping a few donors will stay on to help provide a stipend for their expenses. 

So…we’re about to enter our final full year, and then we’ll be bringing our project to a successful conclusion! I hope that makes our donors feel as AMAZING as it makes us feel. It’s rare to get involved with a charity that is able to successfully wrap up and complete its mission! 

Meanwhile, we’re still scrambling to cover the monthly expenses. If you’d like to join us with a small monthly donation for the next year, and help us bring the Niños into adulthood, we’d love to have you!

I hope this makes everything clear for everyone. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all! Lauren@ninosdelsol.org

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