Our Current Wishlist

We’re often asked what items the Niños need. Here’s our current wish list.

Of course, financial support is what we need most of all. We’re still struggling to create enough income to pay our monthly expenses. Please join our International Family by making one-time or ongoing donations.

It’s often better to buy things locally — prices in Peru are much better than in the US, and the children love to come along on shopping trips for several reasons. They learn important skills by going out shopping, from selecting items to handling money responsibly; but most importantly, there’s pride in selecting items themselves, and in buying things locally rather than thinking everything is a gift that arrives from the US (or other 1st world countries.)  

If you’re headed to Peru and can come meet the kids and take them shopping, that would be a  fantastic way to truly connect with them. If not, and you want to do a goal-oriented fundraiser, send used laptops or camping equipment, or send some items we can’t buy locally, we, of course, appreciate all donations.

  • Homeopathic remedies for common flu and stomach upsets, Arnica Cream and Pellets, Calendula Cream, Dr. Bach Rescue Remedy, chewable Vitamin C, Multi Vitamins.
  • Laptops (good used OK).
  • 3 Sleeping Bags, 2 quality tents.
  • Head Lanterns for the dark nights and camping.
  • USB’s/ discs on key- for music, photos, and homework.
  • New Clothing and shoes for kids, in constant need. Can be bought with the kids locally. About US$100 per child twice a year.
  • Addition to the food budget to include more fresh fruits, honey, olives, nuts, olive oil, butter, coconut oil, cheese and animal protein. Additional US$80 a month will be great!
  • Nut butters/ Nuts. Tahini and nuts are hard to come by locally- and make a great gift to bring along (pistachios, almonds, cashews, pecans…)
  • CD player.
  • Tooth paste and dental tape of the better kind, no sugar and chemicals etc. (Tom’s tooth paste)
  • Dr. Bronner’s liquid and bar soap.
  • Shampoo/ Conditioner of the natural style. Any natural style cosmetics/ lotions for the girls.
  • Cool puzzles/ cards/ games- for indoors and outdoors.
  • Healthy Camping Snacks/ Bars.
  • We need help with the ongoing monthly expenses of the Casas (one in Urubamba, the other for the older Ninos in Cusco) which is about US$8,000. We have about half of this coming with ongoing monthly donations. Please consider fundraising on our behalf with your own fundraising page in our current campaign!
  • Seeds of flowers and vegetables for our new gardens. Hand pruners.
  • Cool movies for 10- 20 year old youth. English with Spanish subtitles is great!
  • Cool books for teens in Spanish or Spanish/ English; dictionaries Spanish/ English. Materials for learning English.
  • Your favorite music CD’s.
  • Art supplies: sketch paper, color pencils, pastels, temperas, play dough, markers, glue, scotch tape.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and love. We could not do this work without our Global Family!

If you’re coming to Peru, consider supporting our kids by booking a hike, guided walking tour, class, meal, or other adventure with our Niños!

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