Organicos del Sol: Creating a food production business at Ninos del Sol

Our youth started creating a business to provide themselves with an income and to support the Casa of Ninos del Sol. 

Global recession is affecting all of us around the world, we need to become more self reliant to continue providing a home and education for the youth.

Organicos del Sol is the new business of creating and selling high quality, healthy, hand made, sustainable, delicious products to customers in the Sacred Valley, Cusco area and beyond.

We started creating a designated kitchen at the third floor of the Casa for producing a line of edibles, including fermented products (probiotics like sourkraut/ chukrut, kimchee and fruit vinegars,) Kambucha drinks, sun dried fruits and vegetables, lovely chocolate, Sesame Tahini and Humus, home made peanut butter and Halva (sesame and honey power food.)

So far the most active members of Organicos are the older youth: Ermelinda, Rayshiel, Zenobia, Belisario, Guadalupe and Kellye (in home tutor/administrator.)

Our graphic designer Jose Luis has been helping with creating the beautiful logo.

Other youth at home are experimenting with products such as emapanadas, healthy/ fancy cakes, wholesome cookies, gomasio, bone broths and more.

A lively Facebook page has been launched, hand made sustainable labels are created, and over the last few weeks products have been sold at local natural stores, in a small eco feria, at the Casa, and delivered to customers.

In the future, the youth would like to rent a small storefront in Urubamba or Yucay, where they can sell their products and handicrafts, potted herbs and plants, and also sell baked goods, meals, hot drinks, desserts, hand made ice cream and fruit juices. This idea will develop according to how selling their products is advancing.

One of the challenges has been for the youth to gain trust that this project can become a real source of income. In order to sell they need to get out of their comfort area, to engage with clients, to put themselves out in the world, and to believe in themselves.

The feedback of friends and clients has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive, and the energy is building. 

The moto has been to always include the basic ingredient… Love.

Thanks to our global family we have been able to arrive to this moment, and to embark on this empowering project.

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  1. Thanks Silke, the products are available here in the Sacred valley and Cusco area at the moment.
    Where are you?
    Thanks again for your support!

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