A Note From Our Volunteers

We’ve been so lucky to have Romy and Nitzan, a  beautiful Israeli couple, working with for six months. They arrived on the day we were departing for summer vacation with the kids and jumped straight into the van with us. This beautiful couple has eased our workload tremendously while leaving their mark on both the kids and the Casa. We will be so sorry to see them go in September. ~ Lauren

Here is a note directly from our beautiful volunteers, Nitzan and Romy

Hello everyone!

After being here for almost 5 months, we began to understand the meaning of our “mission.” We are here to learn and grow together with the kids, to show an example to each other and reflect the lessons we have to each other.

During the days that we are here with the kids, we experience their routine. Waking up at 6:00 to make breakfast or to go for a walk with the dogs is an experience we really want to integrate into our lives. Having the possibility to be for a long time surrounded by the high mountains and diverse nature is a beautiful gift we are giving ourselves in this amazing adventure.

In addition to that, getting to know the kids teaches us to be grateful for our possitive full-of-luck life story and choices we make to create our reality.

So far we succeded to lead a photography class, Boys/girls circles, cooking, driving lessons, competitions, arts & crafts that already made some profit and a good lesson of creating a fundraising event together. 

A week ago we had a group of volunteers that came from france to teach us how to work with volunteers 😉 with a big group and a lot of energy !!!

With Rebecca the mural artist and the help of everyone in the house we managed to provide an amazing outcome in a week – working in the garden, building stairs, and decorating the entire house with magical murals all over the walls

The house looks amazing and it makes us really happy every morning when we first go out of the room , we can feel the new atmosphere in the house!

We are here for another month and a half, so it’s a good time for the right new people to arrive as long term volunteers. We highly reccomend visiting and beeing part of this family here in the beautiful Sacred Valley in the Andes.

Definitely a life-changing experience for whoever wishes to grow!

From our point of view, this organization is really making the best from the donations that arrive and we are grateful to be in service here today.

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