New laptops!

I’m really excited to share that we have new laptops for some of our kids!

They’ve been trying to attend remote school with laptops that are 12 to 15 years old. We’ve been engaged in a constant cycle of frustrating malfunctions and expensive repairs.

Brand new laptops might seem like an indulgence, but these are kids who are at the top of their class, and who dream of becoming doctors, veterinarians, filmmakers, and chemical engineers. We already have multiple college graduates among our alumni, as well as young adults out traveling the world. With the right tools, they are on track to break cycles of poverty in their families for all future generations!

To many people, these may seem like pipe dreams. I have been told that our program is unrealistic, and aims too high. I have been told that our kids should be happy with hand-me-down clothes, broken junk computers, and high school educations.

Luckily, our directors don’t buy into that nonsense and neither do you! And, thanks to your generosity, neither do our kids.

Our donors consistently come through to provide the tools and experiences these kids need to succeed in the world, and this campaign was no different. In fact, we raised a little more than we were asking for — which is a good thing since the price of the computers was higher than we expected.

Our executive director, Viviana, in her infinite wisdom, chose a sturdy Hewlett Packard model with a good warranty. We purchased three of the computers, and three of our college bound students are testing them for us. If they turn out to be what we want, we will go back and buy two more.

I will keep you posted! Meanwhile, thank you so much for your rich vision and your ability to see that children need more than the bare minimum to break the cycle of poverty in their families.

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