New Apartment in Cusco

Our Cusco kids (aka “The College Kids”) have moved into a new apartment.

As our kids grow, more and more of them are headed to Cusco to experience semi-independent living and study for their future careers. This month, the kids moved into a larger space.

The new space has a big kitchen, a living room, and a dining room on the first floor. Upstairs there are four spacious bedrooms, an open area for laundry, and a total of three bathrooms.

Living in the house right now are

  • Ermelinda, who will graduate this year as a chemical engineer
  • Belisario, who is studying economics
  • Jose, studying graphic design
  • Zenobia, studying to be a pastry chef
  • Marco, studying to become a tour guide
  • Jorge, studying international business
  • Raul, studying to become a tour guide

We’re extremely proud of our Cusco kids. They all share the chores of managing the house, from shopping and cooking to cleaning the bathrooms, in addition to managing their studies and part-time work. Avishai and Viviana visit weekly to bring fresh produce and mediate issues that arise.

This aspect of our program is so beautiful to see in action. Imagine being one of the younger kids and knowing that this kind of support and opportunity exists for you! The kids are thriving here as they transition to adulthood.

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