Meet Doris…

Age: 18 Arrived at Casa: 2010

Doris’s signature smile can light up a room like the sun. She’s a gentle, wise, easygoing and responsible girl who takes life seriously but has a great sense of humor and fun at the same time.

Doris has a knack for needlecraft, art, Japanese animé, and medicinal plants.

Since graduating high school, Dori has studied both cosmetology and fashion design. She’s growing more into her fashion designing passion learning to design, cut, and sew like a master. She’s also studying English and Portuguese.

While she was doing all that, she was also working and saving her money toward her next passion: travel! Doris will be the first of the Niños to volunteer for a year in Israel, where she will serve on a kibbutz and learn about organic gardening and desert living.

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