Karma Yoga Reaching Across the Ocean

Love manifests in mysterious and beautiful ways in the universe. This month we got to experience its power in a surprising way.

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Christine McArdle, the director of a school called Om Shree Om currently located in Spain.

Om Shree Om trains teachers to work with children using innovative and integrative methods with yoga “tools.” They have trained hundreds of teachers worldwide, including Peru (Limayoga).

Christine wrote:

Over fifteen years ago I visited Mama Kia’s orphanage and three years ago Niños del Sol where we met several of your adolescence and enjoyed an incredibly delicious meal.  I was leading a yoga retreat with Peggy Profant whose sister in California is a long-time friend of Viviana. 

We run a very special family yoga festival once a year in southern Spain (www.omshreeomyogafestival.com). During the festival, the children make crafts and sell tea and cake daily to raise money for a social cause. This year we would like to donate the children’s earnings to Los Niños del Sol. I do believe that you are an exceptional organization and it gives me great pleasure to finally be able to collaborate with your exceptional work in this way with hopes that in the future we can find different methods of collaboration. 

Of course, it gave us great pleasure to receive a donation raised by children halfway around the world, given in the spirit of karma yoga. The web of people who love and support our program is truly remarkable — so many people have come together to do the work of raising this family of children.

We’d like to thank the Om Shree Om school and festival, and also take this opportunity to thank all of you who support Niños del Sol.

As you know, we receive no government funding, no grants, no large donations of any kind. All of our support comes from individuals — mostly at the rate of $25 a month. Every donation is a tangible form of love and lovingkindness, and all this positive energy and intention becomes very real when it pays the Niños’ rent, tuition, and caregiver salaries every month.

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