June 2022 Update from Viviana

This is a time of transition, with the return to in-person school, which means the post-secondary kids will be moving to Cusco again. It’s also a financially lean time, and we’re feeling uncertain about the future, so that puts pressure on everyone. 

School has begun and all kids are enjoying the experience of returning to school as they begin to re-enter socializing after the long seclusion of the pandemic.

They all say that it feels weird to sit amongst others, they find hard having to communicate with their peers. 

Rusbel and Sol are the only kids we still have attending high school, all others are in the process to moving to Cusco once full-time live classes begin at the university and institutes.

A big success is that Sol finally accepted to have braces! Her treatment began and she’s sporting now a bright metallic smile! (as she tells me)

Ada, who was very enthusiastic about opening her pet shop, had to close due to our country’s failing economy. It was a hard decision to make,  but it was necessary since the income earned didn’t justify having a high rental expense. 

She’s now working at a local restaurant as she prepares herself to apply to Veterinarian School.

Ada has all the equipment for a pet spa, we are thinking about creating a space on the 4th floor where she can continue bathing and giving hair cuts to dogs. She made few clients for this service, thus she can have a larger income combined with her job at the restaurant.

On the same note, we are planning to use the 3rd floor to develop a small daycare for/with Maria Flor. She finally completed high school and wants to study Early Childhood Education. She continues to work at home as the main cook, in order to increase her income she needs to have a second job.

Once the older youth [who attend post-secondary and university classes in Cusco] have moved to Cusco we are planning to accommodate two rooms for short time travelers. We think that this will bring in some extra income to support the home.

Now that the youth are attending higher education we need to supplement our income, all costs went up: education, food, housing, and transportation. 

I informed all kids moving to Cusco that the organization will support education, housing and meals; all other costs (utilities, gas, internet, transportation) must be their responsibility. This is also preparing them for the transition into adulthood, so when they leave home hopefully they will be better prepared.

Avishai and I are working with our connections to help them look for part-time employment so they can have a sucessful transition into semi-independent living.

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