Joy of Cooking

Our kids love to cook. If you’ve watched our original video with Mama Kia, you might remember her saying that she never had to deal with a picky eater in this crowd — children who’ve known food scarcity in their youth know how to appreciate the joy of food abundance.

Avishai’s love of food and cooking has rubbed off on the kids. Leo has attended chef’s school, and Zenobia is studying to be a pastry chef. Luis loves to help Leo create, and our youngest, Soledad, spends her spare time inventing new desserts.

But as anyone who cooks knows, when you run out of new ideas, cooking becomes a chore very quickly.

That’s why we’re so delighted when Gina DeVee, a vital member of our Global Family, offered to send us cookbooks earlier this summer. She put a lot of work into finding the right books to work within our approach to nutrition and learning, and then had to coordinate with someone who was traveling to Peru to get them to us — but her effort is paying off spectacularly. The books have brought an explosion of creativity and fun to our kitchen. Here are some photos from last weekend, when the kids whipped up a spectacular fruit dessert.

This kind of creative support from our Global Family has helped our kids to build bonds as siblings, heal from trauma together, experience joy, and stimulate learning. This is why our kids are so successful academically, and I hope that success will follow them into adult life and help them impact their own families and communities in positive ways.

Thank you, Gina!

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