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We got approved at the last minute for a HipGive campaign, which puts us in line for $50,000 in matching donations on #givingtuesday. When you donate through the link on this page, your donation will be DOUBLED!

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We love the whole idea of offsetting the energetic damage from Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a day of giving and thinking of others. Here’s why we hope you’ll choose Niños Del Sol instead of one of the big-box charities this year:

Small Donations Make A Big Difference Here

   Ninos Del Sol is raising a group of children in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Our kids came to us with nothing. They had no parents to protect them in the world. We are raising them as a family, with lots of love, yoga, organic food, hugs, education, and empowerment. We support them on a very tight budget, growing a lot of our own food and earning some of our revenue by working in the community. No big administrator salaries here — our entire salary expenditure is less than $5,000 per month for our whole staff. Our donations this year have ranged from $5 to thousands, and every one of them has helped us do this work.

Our Donors Are Making A Profound Difference

Thanks to our donors, our kids — who might never have attended school or known how to read if they hadn’t come to us — are bright and curious, and many are at the top of their classes. Most importantly, we are supporting them through technical schools or universities, so they can achieve their dreams and break the cycle of poverty in their families forever. And it’s working. We’ve already graduated an accountant, we have a chemical engineering student and a graphic design major currently enrolled, and next semester we’re sending a psychology major and a musician. Join us and be part of a program that is working!

We’re Tax Deductible

Ninos Del Sol is supported by a 501c3 charity in the U.S., and your donations are fully tax-deductible. You’ll receive a tax receipt immediately when you make your donation. If you need any further records for tax purposes, or if you have any questions, contact for help.

We are a Global Family and we’d love for you to join us!

We’ll keep you up to date on the kids’ progress with our quarterly newsletter and regular Facebook posts. You’ll get to know the kids and root for them as individuals. And you’re always welcome to visit us in the Sacred Valley and see how we’re doing.

No donation is too small for us. Through the generosity of HIPGive, your donation could even be doubled with matching funds!

Your information is secure, and we promise never to share your e-mail address.


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