How much goes to administration?

How much of your donation to Niños Del Sol goes into the pockets of the administration? None. Here’s the scoop on how we do that.


Our board in the U.S. and our Peruvian board are composed completely of volunteers. Darrin Davis, our U.S. board president, is a volunteer. I am a volunteer (this is Lauren Haas writing, I’m on the board and I chair the fundraising committee). Joshua Sandstrom is a volunteer.

We all spend many hours of our free time fundraising, looking over budgets, creating this website, writing these blog posts, maintaining the Facebook page, and trying to keep up with the law regarding our nonprofit status. When we go to Peru to visit the kids, we pay for our own flights.

ALL of your donations get wired to Peru every month. The only money that stays in the States are a few very small expenses like our web host and Paypal fees.

The only people in our organization who receive salaries are Viviana and Avishai, our Directors who are with the children every day, and the cooks, launderer, and tutors who directly care for the kids. We try to provide them with a living wage, although Viviana and Avishai have donated a great deal of time (and most of Avishai’s salary comes from running the B&B, not from your donations).

So please, don’t hesitate to support our kids. Even small donations are appreciated.

Thank you!


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