How does our garden grow?

Many of you who have visited us in Peru donated your energy to help our garden grow. I thought you might like to see the fruits of your labor!

Here’s what Avishai posted on Facebook just two years ago (July 2017)

Garden Update:

With the help of our enthusiastic Canadian volunteer Heidi, the Ninos built handsome raised beds, using permaculture methods, rich compost which we created over the last 3 years and recycled roof tiles.

Here are Ray, Luis F, Rusbel, Ada and Sonq’o working in the new garden.

BTW- the Ninos took most of these pictures… Some of them are becoming good photographers!

Take a look at our garden now!

Your work provides our kids with wholesome, clean, nourishing foods every single day, and we take some of the bounty to Cusco to feed the growing brains of our college kids.

We think of your gifts every day, and we are filled with gratitude!

Sisters Lisbet, Marlit, Lourdes & Soledad bringing fresh produce from the garden

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