Happy Birthday, Doris!

We celebrated Doris’s 18th birthday on February 6 with a surprise party in Avishai and Viviana’s home.

Lots of musicians were there, including a tiny drummer who spent most of her time on Doris’s lap. How typical of Doris’s generous spirit that she didn’t mind sharing the spotlight on her birthday at all. She even laughed when her little friend poked a toe in the cake frosting!

Doris recently finished her apprenticeship studies in fashion design!
Her teacher presented her with her certificate at the party.

The party was attended by lots of friends, and we all took turns telling Doris our wishes for her in her adult life. Doris completed the ceremony by offering wishes for our lives in return.

You can leave your own wishes for Doris in the comment space below.

Enjoy some of the impromptu music from Doris’s party!

What’s next for Doris? Hold on to your seat, this is exciting!

Niños Del Sol has had a lot of volunteers from Israel over the years, and Avishai and Viviana have been talking about some of our kids volunteering in exchange at a kibbutz in Israel. Viviana’s nephew went last year to test the waters, and we hear that this experience is just as powerful and life-changing as volunteering in Peru.

Doris (who already speaks Spanish, Quechua, English, a bit of Portuguese and a few words of Japanese) will be the first adventurer among our Niños to make the trip. She and I are going to work together to create a fundraiser for her airfare — I’ll update you on that as it develops.

Please leave your own wishes for Doris below and I’ll make sure she sees them!

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday, Doris!”

  1. Doris. Wishing you a beautiful happy birthday! I am so excited that you will be going you Isreal. Please keep everyone posted.

  2. Happy Birthday Doris. its great to see the opportunities opening up for you. You deserve it. Love Trev.

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful young lady!!! Miss you and think of you often. Safe travels!!

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