Good Morning, Niños!

This is what mornings look like in our Casa in Urubamba.

Your support provides a bright, loving home where the kids live as a family, and private education which will enable these kids break the cycle of poverty in their families.

The Niños are teens and young adults now, and many of them have moved to our second home, an apartment in Cusco where they can experience semi-independent living while attending institutes and universities. For example, Jose, who created this video single-handedly, is a Graphic Design major who will graduate this year from University and is on the path to becoming a filmmaker.

Jose: Studying Graphic Design

Jose has lovingly captured our Casa, filled with art created by volunteers and the Niños themselves. He’s also done a great job capturing the kids’ morning routine. You can see that they are very independent and work together to make the house operate smoothly — but they’re still teenagers, and even though most of them attend school one block away, they have to run to get there on time.

We’re very grateful to Jose for this glimpse into the Niños’ lives, and to the Niños who allowed themselves to be filmed.

Your support has changed these kids’ lives forever and will have an impact on future generations of their families as well.

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