We’re getting a washing machine!

We’re getting a washing machine!

Erika and her group from Telluride Yoga Festival have worked together to send the funds we needed. Avishai, Rusbel, Luis and I (along with Kiwicha and Layla) went shopping on Tuesday for the machine and picked out a doozy. We’re so excited!

Layla (L) and Kiwicha (R) came with us to shop for a machine.

We can’t have it put in yet because our landlord is currently adding another level to the Casa. (We used some of our Giving Tuesday money to prepay rent so he’d have the funds to do it). Soon we’ll have a third floor, with a laundry room, yoga/meditation space, and/or game room.

What used to be the roof, where the kids did hand laundry, will now be a third floor with a laundry room!

This is lifechanging for the kids, who’ve been hand-washing their own laundry since they were little. 

Thank you, Erika and Telluride yogis, and also Giving Tuesday donors!


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