Ever wish you could change the world?

If you’ve been looking for an easy, stressless way to leave an impact on your world, your dreams have come true.

Our Children’s Home is making the biggest impact imaginable in the lives of two dozen children.

We’re not just feeding their bodies with nutritious, organic foods and filling their hearts with love and family (but we are doing those things).

Our kids are getting a top-notch education, graduating high school, and going on to college. The cyle of poverty will be forever broken in the families of every one of these kids (who might otherwise have grown up homeless and illiterate — if they had grown up at all. O

But our children’s home is in trouble. We are losing our funding in October, 2014. We’ve had to appeal to the hearts of individuals to generate the $10,000 a month we need to provide food, education, staffing and housing for our kids. This money supports both the kids in the center AND the kids who are away at college.
So far, we’ve received pledges of about $2,000 a month. We are encouraged, but we still need a great deal of help. And we’re running out of time.

Won’t you help us? As little as $15 a month helps. Telling your friends our story and asking for their support helps. Visit www.ninosdelsol.org to learn more about our program. Or stop by www.ninosdelsol.org/support to set up your tax-deductible monthly donation right now!

Thank you so much. Your actions can change the whole world — not just for these children, but for generations of their families, and future leaders. Our program is built to ensure that these kids will grow up to give back.



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