Eleventh Hour

This is the update I just sent out to our supporters. I wanted to make sure this information is shared with everyone.

What’s for lunch? On weekends and no- school days, Ninos get to prepare most meals, taking turns in a 40 day rotation.

Hola, Amigos De Los Niños!

As you know, we are entering our final month of support from our former sponsor, and transitioning to a time when you, our donors, will be the only financial support we have.

You have responded so beautifully to our urgent need, and we appreciate it.So many of you have initiated monthly donations, or made generous one-time donations to help us through this transition. You’ve given us hope, and we are responding with new energy.

Raising Funds

We are setting out with new energy on a multi-faceted plan to generate support. Our plan includes work on the ground in Cusco, where Vivian and Avishai will be approaching the new mayor and the local Bishop’s office, and business owners throughout Cusco and the Sacred Valley.

Meanwhile, our new US president, Darrin Davis, will be hosting a fundraising event in Dallas next month. And we will continue to update this site and work through our network on Facebook to generate more monthly donors. Avishai is gathering informaiton about the Bed & Breakfast income so we can project future earnings, and the entire Casa is looking at other business ideas to generate more income on the ground in Peru.

Some donors are having technical problems with the site. If you’ve had trouble getting Paypal to work properly, or if you’ve noticed that your ongoing donations aren’t being transferred every month like they should, please contact Lauren@LaurenHaas.com. I am collecting information for our technical support to identify and fix the problem, and I will try to find an alternate way to set up your donation in the meantime.

Every dime of help buys us a little more time, and is appreciated whole-heartedlly.

We desperately need experienced volunteers to help with fundraising. If you are experienced in grant writing; research regarding potential donors; bilingual English-Spanish/bi-cultural if possible; willing and able to access, pursue, and engage local hotels, restaurants, business people; are an experienced event organizer; experienced publicist or have any other relevant experience and would like to help, in the US or in Peru, please send an e-mail to Avishai avishaip@gmail.com or Viviana (vichimaga@gmail.com).

Cutting Costs

At the same time, we’re working to cut all unnecessary expenses. For instance, we’re in the process of moving Urpi, a severely autistic girl who’s been with us under 24 hour care since she was a baby, to a more suitable placement, and our outgoing president John has agreed to sponsor her care in Lima. That will immediately free up the salaries of her 24/7 caregivers. Viviana is  going over the budgets with a fine-tooth comb to whittle down our budget.

Our incoming U.S. president, Darrin Davis, is traveling to Peru this month to meet with Viviana and Avishai and to get some support from other orphanages in the area who can brainstorm with us on more cost-cutting and fundraising ideas.

So, the situation is urgent, but we are nowhere near giving up hope at this time. We will keep you posted on anything you can do to help as opportunities arise!

Thank you so much from all of us. Without you, we couldn’t do this work that means everything to these children and their future families.

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