Education Looks a Little Different Right Now

Learning in front of computers has not been working well for many kids around the world — including ours. Although the college kids have kept up with their studies, the younger kids need more stimulation and experiential learning.

As you may know, Peru has been hard hit by the virus. The schools here will not be reopening this year.

We’re still fundraising to cover the costs of bringing tutors into the home to keep our Niños education on track. Most of them are at the top of their classes, and we won’t let them fall behind.

Their education has always included music classes — often with Beto, a brilliant local instructor — as well hiking, cooking, gardening, and social activities. Here you can see the kids learning in the 3-dimensional world in a variety of environments.

We still need help to cover the cost of bringing in tutors for them. Even small donations help a lot! Scroll down to offer your support.

Music class with our beloved teacher Beto Martinez. There are two groups, meeting twice a week each. Here are Ruzbel on charrango, Luis and Ivan strumming the guitars.

If you’d like to help us fund the kids’ education during Covid, you can donate below or visit this link for more information about our plan, the costs, and the campaign.

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