Doris: An Adventure in Israel

As many of you know, Doris went to volunteer on a kibbutz in Israel for one year (although the pandemic kept her there another six months!).

She spent most of two years in the desert, doing hard farm work growing organic dates and living in a community of volunteers from around the world.

Here’s her story in her own words for you, with lots of photos!

So I don’t know how to start because i have so many things to share with you!

In the beginning, I had no idea of how this place would be, or where I would be working. The  first day I was there was very hard for me, because I wasn’t sociable.  I got would just work and go straight to my room.

It was a bit hard  to communicate with the other volunteers — but then I started to have a good connection with some Colombian guys. They were awesome, and we would go everywherer together. Literally we were like magnets,

Little by little, I started to open  myself  with other people. I tried to talk and chill with them in the tea house. I met very deep and wise people. At work, they used to talk a lot in their own languages about different subjects. Sometimes they would teach me hebrew or translate the lyricds of songs we heard.

They also taught me how to drive a car and operate the big machines that we used at work. I will not lie, I was very excited to drive for my first time! 

Work for me, in the beginning, was good. I had fun and I enjoyed it more and more when I start to open myself. But with the time passing, my body was very tired from the work.

I couldn’t understand how the older members of the kibbutz can still work every day for many years but i think is because of how they are — they just love to meet new people and to share experiences and histories.

I loved my life over there because I could be myself. I could express what I really wanted. I learned so much from the people and from life there, including personal things or subjects that you can’t talk about with everyone.

I could also do my own stuff. I could cook or go to the gym, or go for a walk… or even travel around Israel with friends or family.  It was tiring to move from place to place, but it was satisfying to see all the beautiful views and places.

It was a bit hard to get around inside the cities, but in the end, there was always someone that helped me. I would love to do the same in my country and to make friends that I can trust.

Doris was the first

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