Creating Happy Memories in Peru

Outings and adventures are so important for teenagers and young adults.

These experiences our kids the opportunity to learn about the world and build their self-confidence. They’re also bonding as a family and creating a reservoir of positive feelings that can carry them through the inevitable challenges of getting along together in a group living situation.

As the Ninos are becoming young adults now, they take care of what’s needed whenever we go on trips and outings, and are usually dependable.

For example, for this boating trip each individual in the Casa is assigned a task, such as either shopping and preparing foods, cooking at the lake. or cleaning.

Some of them are inviting friends from outside to our outings which is a wonderful new trend! We love that our kids consider themselves a family and our casa is a social hub for them.

Thanks for your ongoing support which allows us to enjoy these wonderful activities and growth opportunities.

At the Lake

Peru is celebrating 200 years of independence so we all travelled to Lago Piuray, a gorgeous lake near the town of chincheros, where we spent the day paying, paddling and relaxing.

The family of Hugo, our hosts, baked their organic local potatoes in the traditional Huatia, the oven made of clumps of earth and fired up the clay oven where we baked trout and other delicacies. Of course we also enjoyed freshly baked pies and chicha morada, the healthy purple corn drink, specialty of our family of Niños del Sol.

Happy Independence and Interdependence day!


The Niños recently got to enjoy a day of hiking with some very special friends of the organization. Note that our “kids” aren’t kids any more!

As you know, our youngest is now 16, and we’re supporting more college students and fewer “children” with each passing year. With your help, we are successfully finishing the mission that Mama Kia began.

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