Cooking & Chores at the Casa

We believe sharing chores is a vital part of the family bond. Our young people all work together to keep our house and garden running smoothly.

Visitors to the Casa often common on how helpful and hardworking the Niños can be. All our young people work together to make meals , clean the kitchen, and keep the house and garden in order.

It’s very important to us that all of the Niños know how to cook, garden, and make compost.

Mama Kia raised them to appreciate all the gifts of the earth (Pachamama). Our Associate Director, Avishai, has built on that tradition by sharing his passion for organic gardening and nutritious cooking.

Garden-fresh organic produce is one of the defining characteristics of Niños del Sol. Many children’s homes in Peru have such low budgets that they are forced to fill the children up with starches that have no nutrients. We think our teen are actually taller than average, thanks to their great diets.

Thanks to our generous donors, we have enough land to grow a lot of our own food. We also have a pickup truck that allows us to gather fresh produce from a nearby organic farm — they’re very kind to donate their leftover vegetables for us.

We’re so grateful for the incredible generosity of our donors and both of our Directors’ commitment to organic gardening and nutritious meals.

If you’re ever visiting the Sacred Valley, come share a meal with us!

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