Checking in with Ray Shael

Ray sent us a message and some videos to share with you!

In addition to working (taking care of a child) and studying physical therapy, Ray has a new business growing mushrooms. She has some messages for you about the current situation in Peru, and her gratitude for your support over the years.

Hello friends, my name is Ray.

I recently returned from Israel where I was living and volunteering at a kibbutz for a year and half during Covid time.

Because of your support and love, I had amazing experiences; I learned to drive and manage mechanical equipment to work with cows, and I learned all about the process of plantating and harvesting dates,. At the same time, I learned about the culture and the economy of Israel.

I had hard moments, and it was precisely those hard times that made me grow and learn about becoming conscious of my own actions and how they affect my life.

Now, thanks to this great experience, I’m beginning my own small business of mushroom production and sale. I am also working and studying Physiotherapy.

Every step I take makes me conscious of your support.

All of you are with us, and I would love to personally thank each one of you for helping me become the person that I am.

Unfortunately, our country is going through a deep political crisis which impedes a free movement to tourism. This limits us, because most of our work depends on tourism. Things here in the country are calming down, but we still aren’t able to find employment that could allow for us to move away from your support.

All prices of living went up, salaries are extremely low, minimum monthly salary is equivalent to $240 dollars, while a basic rental unit called mini-apartment costs between 300-400 dollars a month.

In spite of this, we haven’t lost our dreams, our faith in ourselves, because we know that with each step we take, you are with us.

Our life has been very different from the life of a “traditional” small family; each one of us in our big family is choosing our own way, some of us had the opportunity to grow up with Viviana and Avishai, they are the ones teaching us how to find the light for own path.

Much gratitude, love, and light, to all of you.

Here are some videos Ray sent to show you her mushroom business

In English:

In Spanish

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