Checking in with Doris

Doris wants to share what she’s been up to!

As you may recall, Doris was the first of our young people to travel to Israel and volunteer on a kibbutz. The pandemic took her by surprise, and she wound up having to stay six months longer than she intended.

Doris in Israel, taking a break from her work on the kibbutz

Doris has definitely been bitten by the travel bug! She’s an extremely hard-working young woman who manages money well, and she was able to save enough to visit Brazil on her own last year. It’s her lifelong dream to visit Japan.

She is forever grateful to you for the life-changing opportunity she’s been given. When I asked the youths to share updates with our donors, Doris was one of the first to respond. Here’s what she said.:

Doris is studying agriculture full-time at the Institute. She also works as a seamstress. In addition to her message above, she shared some images and videos about her life.

Learning how to give a goats pedicure

We’re struggling to raise the money we need as the kids get older — people are much more moved by photos of small children than they are of young college students. But as those little children grow up, they need more support, not less.

We’re not willing to abandon our young people at this stage of their lives. They need our help to finish the educations they’ve worked hard to earn, and to launch successful adult lives.

Will you help us? We’re supported 100% by individual donors, most of whom are giving just $25 a month (it truly is taking a village to raise these kids!).

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