Let’s Get the Niños to Lima!

Help us send our Niños out into the world for a taste of the big city!

Campaign has ended

Last year, your generosity allowed our kids to see the ocean for the first time.

This year, Avishai and Viviana want to take the kids to Lima, the most important city in Peru and the nation’s capital.**

As our Niños graduate college and seek careers in their fields, many of them will need to consider relocating to a major city like Lima — but that’s a scary prospect for someone who’s never even seen a modern city!

Friends in Lima have offered to to host us in their homes to save money, but the trip will still be expensive. $4,000 will cover all the kids, plenty of adult chaperones, and might allow us to include a side trip to see the Nazca Lines.

**There are 30 million people in Peru, and 10 million of them live in Lima!

Experiences like this are why most of our kids are at the top of their class, why they dream big.

This is how we break the cycle of poverty in their families for all future generations, and create the leaders of tomorrow who will uplift others.

Will you help?

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  1. From Viviana:
    The kids are very excited to see the famous Water Park, the Parque de Las Leyendas (the largest zoo in Lima), and the Gold Museum (a museum that holds the most valuable pieces of the remnants of the various pre-colonial cultures of Peru).

    All this will add to their knowledge and understanding of their culture to become strong, effective people working for transformation.

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