Help These Young Women Journey to Israel

Guadalupe and Ray Shael are ready to take on a life-changing volunteer trip to Israel. Will you help them get there?
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UPDATE: Israel has opened its border to agricultural volunteers. This trip will happen in late May!

Traveling Volunteers 

 It’s fairly common for kids growing up in a Children’s Home in Peru to meet world travelers who volunteer on their behalf. Our kids have been impacted by many of these volunteers, from countries like  America, Canada, France, Germany — and Israel.

Usually, these are one-way situations, where the kids are passively receiving support and help from others.

But Niños del Sol has always been different, and we’ve never encouraged our kids to passively receive aid. 

Paying it Forward

Now that many of our Niños are growing up, they want to pay that love forward.  They want to go out into the world and give back, while they test themselves against new experiences, environments, and cultures. 

We’ve created a path for them to do that by volunteering long-term on a kibbutz — a communal farm in Israel.

Living on a Kibbutz is somewhat of an ongoing school, learning to engage and exchange with others, learning to give and receive, learning to be involved, to participate, to partake in communal life. ~ Avishai Pearlson, Associate Director Niños del Sol

Doris, age 20, was the first from Niños del Sol to test the program. Many of you supported her in making that journey. 

When Doris told her friends in the Sacred Valley that she was going to Israel to volunteer, they didn’t believe her. Young women from Peruvian villages don’t often travel the world.

But Doris packed her bag and headed to  Israel, and (thanks to the pandemic) stayed there for nearly two years.  She experienced the desert, the sea, Jerusalem, hard work, and communal life. She made friends from all over the world. She came back stronger, more whole, more grounded, and with an unshakable belief in herself. 

Doris returned confident, emotionally strong, with a high sense of self, knowing better which way to steer her own life. She learned that past trauma does not have to be the bond that stops her from BEING, Instead, it is the catalyst for her life to take off and for her to manifest her wishes and dreams. ~ Viviana, Executive Director, Niños del Sol

Meet Guadalupe and Ray Shael

Now, two more of our young women are ready to make the trip. Ray Shael and Guadalupe both grew up at Niños del Sol. Both have been successful in making a transition to adult life, working in the tourist industry and living independently — until the pandemic came. There’s been no tourism industry for a year, so they’ve been working odd jobs to pay their bills. 

Still, they’ve managed to each save $500 toward their expenses. That should give you a clue what kind of determined, responsible people they are — and just think of the courage it takes to leave everything you know and travel halfway around the world for a year! 

I want to live in another society where perhaps my being a woman will be valued and respected. I want to face my fears of the unknown and I want to return to Perú to be of service to my people, to be an example to my younger siblings still living at Niños del Sol. ~ Ray Shael

I would very much like to grow and develop in a way that perhaps is not much possible in the society I live in.   ~ Guadalupe

Will you help?

These amazing young women are ready to go, as soon as the border opens. We think that will happen in a month or two, so we’re working to raise the money they’ll need for airfare and expenses. 

Will you help them make this life-changing journey?

Read more from these brave young women and our directors at these links:

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18 Replies to “Help These Young Women Journey to Israel”

  1. I’m so proud of these women for having the strength and courage to follow their dreams.

  2. I hold Ninos del Sol, the Sacred Valley, and Peru in my heart always. Brava, Ray Shael and Guadalupe!

  3. Amigas!! Oh my heart I am soooo very proud of you for the courage to follow your heart! I did this very journey and it is how I found YOU all so many years ago and it was the absolutely best leap of faith ever! I wholeheartedly believe in you and your dreams and want you to know how loved and supported you are. Always, always, trust your heart, listen to your body, follow your dreams! I love you !!!

  4. I am so excited for these young women, and the lives that they will lead! May they learn their own worth, and lift up others in the future.

  5. I met Guadalupe in 2007 when I volunteered at Casa de Milagros. I’ve always remembered her for her radiant personality and sense of fun. I wish both of these amazing young women much joy as they embrace this exciting opportunity.

  6. Sending lots of love to all the children at Niños, so happy for these girls to see the world

  7. I’m honored and excited to be a part of this journey into this next phase of life for you both, such a positive step it is! And a fine tribute to the teachings of Viviana and Avishai of not only family, but extended family now…may it continue to grow! Hijas, ya ubiese regresado a verlos todos pero en esta manera, a lo menos, les apoyo a ustedes dos en tomar este paso en la vida. Que aprendan, que cresca su familia, que crescan ustedes en todo aspecto, y muy muy importante…que gocen!! Las quiero mucho!

  8. Thru the organization I used to lead, I have had the pleasure and privilege to spend quality time with Viviana and Avishai and the beautiful children…now growing adults…at Ninos del Sol. Doris & Ray Shael are such LOVEly young women, who I know will benefit so much from this experience, bringing back all the lessons learned, confidence and growth back to their community.
    I am EXCITED for them, and honored to support!

  9. Les quiero mucho Ray Shael y Guadalupe! Yo se que ustedes van a cambiar el mundo. En un placer de ayudarles en su paseo. Besos xxxx

  10. I am so thrilled to support you Ray and Guadalupe on your Journey to Israel! I have always learned and grown so much from all the travels and volunteering I have the joy to participate in so far. I am sending you both much love and would love to hear about your experiences. I cherish my visit with you on our CMomA trip in 2017 and am so proud of you for all you have accomplished with your studies, healing and work opportunities and courage to venture abroad! I am holding you and all the Ninos as well as Viviene and Avishai in my heart! xo Janette

  11. I gave my own children the opportunety to go abroad, so I love to support these 2 to do the same!

  12. What an amazing opportunity for the girls! I know the power of volunteering overseas and immersing yourself in other cultures. Their lives will be more amazing because of these wonderful experiences.

  13. I spent a year in Peru as a young woman (and became friends with Viviana) This year was transformative in my life and who I became. I wish the same for you.

  14. In memory of Sy and Rhoda Cole (and n support of their loving daughter Marcy Cole)

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