Just one more year!

When our founder, Mama Kia, passed away in 2010, we lost all of our funding. We nearly lost our home many times.  Imagine dealing with that financial stress while also raising twenty teenagers! It’s been a struggle, to say the least.

But our donors came through, and we’ve been able to keep the kids together as a family, and even opened an apartment in Cusco so they could attend university and institutes.

This support through higher education  has enabled our kids to break the cycle of poverty in their families forever. Our degreed alumni are already working as certified tour guides, filmmakers, and in hotel management. 

Now we have only a handful of teenagers left, and a plan in place to move them all into independence by March of 2025! We’re in the home stretch — but we still need support to get to the finish line. 

Most of our donors are giving $25 per month — and it’s made a huge difference in the kids’ lives. But we need your help to get through these final months. 

Can you offer a small monthly donation through March of 2025? 



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89 Replies to “Donate”

  1. In honor of the marriage of Stephen Paskey and Sarah Lenz

  2. Already a regular donor. I just got a new job and want to share some of the goodness. Keep up your blessed, wonderful work!

    Love, Jonathan

  3. I had an opportunity to visit years ago and I am pleased to help support your wonderful family!

  4. As teachers, parents and yoguinis/yoguis we aim to build a living cross cultural community of youngsters aware of the needs of all children and all beings world wide. We are highly impressed with the work and vision of the Niños del Sol and encouraged our community of youngsters who participated in our anual
    Family yoga festival ( to donate the funds raised by the children during festival 2021 to make their donation to the youngsters in Peru. With much Love and Admiration, the children of Om Shree Om . May all children have a home sweet home as conscious as that of Niños del Sol.

  5. This donation is on behalf of my Mom. She visited the home a few years ago and met the children living there. This experience stayed with her and left an impression on her heart. For her birthdays and Christmas she asks that we give donations to Ninos del Sol ❤️☀️

  6. Mama Kia was a dear friend of ours. We visited her and the orphanage in 2001. We have not forgotten the children and her work and devotion. Mama Kia lives on in all our hearts.

  7. I wish I could come and help. Every child deserves to feel loved, encouraged, and to be safe. I hope a small monthly donation will help in a collective effort to keep these children loved, safe, and empowered.
    Thanks for what you do!

  8. Hola,
    porque soy peruana viviendo en el extranjero y siempre pienso en los ninos pajaros fruteros de nuestro Peru
    Ojala puedan ir a Lima, donde los ninos de la calle son los mas sufridos.
    Gracias en nombre de Jésus

  9. The Niños have been a special part of my life since 2011 and I look forward to supporting their continued growth, success and happiness. Their light will warm my heart always. In munay, Kristen xx

  10. I just want to help in my small way, to support the beautiful work you are doing in raising these young people.

  11. Donated before, and sorry to hear about the present difficulties. Well done Viviana, Avishai and Lauren. Love from Gill and Tomi.

  12. A rest of peacefullness and consciousness in a mad world with bad people – preserve it as long as possible in your minds and hearts. Namasté.

  13. I’m selling my art to raise funds for Ninos Del Sol. I visited there 5 years ago and am truly amazed at these young people. They are the future of Peru!

  14. I so believe in your mission with the youth leaders of tomorrow!
    I sold my art at a Market one Saturday for Ninos De Sol. The donations for the day was $100 Canadian… with love from those who attended the Market and stopped by to support you!

  15. Sorry to hear the lack of funds it is a hard time for so many now. Hope this helps and people step up to support you! Given in memory of Mama Kia (Edie as I knew and loved her). Keep up the beautiful work!

  16. You are doing great & important work. I wish I had more to give. I’m with you in spirit!

  17. My friend Dawn has visited Peru and you. She let me know you need some help so I am sending a donation.

  18. We so enjoyed our visit several years ago. This donation is also because of our friendship with Josh Sandstrom.

  19. Hi all, please try to get in touch with the band “böhse onkelz” especially with front man Stephan Weidner who was in touch with Mama Kia once. They are on tour shortly…perhaps they could start a project or spend anonymous – our mission has to be fulfilled! Take care, God bless you and never ever give up! Namsté.

  20. Once again because you need it more than we do…and your purpose is more worth than ours… The mission must be accomplished! We have to strenghten all the efforts for the final sprint! El díos contigo!

  21. Since my visit 5 years ago, Ninos del Sol has been close to my heart . My art is being shared at a quaint Seaside Market on the Sunshine Coast of BC, near where I live. There, generous people donate a minimum …and usually more, to support the expenses of your home and enjoy the driftwood Spirit Dolls & painting available. It’s a win for all!
    This was Week One. We had $237.80 Canadian at the end of the day. May it assist in some small way.

  22. This is the money donated for my art at the last two Artisan Seaside Markets in Gibsons Landing on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.
    People have been very generous. We all hope this helps in some small way.. .Much love and many blessings to each one of you!

  23. loved getting to stay at Ninos del sol for some days and get to know the young people. gracias por todos!

  24. Thank you so much for my delightful stay! I loved meeting everyone, learning about you, and thank you for the tours and the lovely meals!

  25. Thank you for providing a beautiful and personal place for us to stay in Urubamba for a few nights on our travels in Peru. So many blessings to you and the youth of Niños Del Sol.

  26. This is for a fundraiser for Deb Langstorf Gunther. Please donate in her name. I was unable to donate on her fundraiser link due to being in Mexico, so she sent me this direct link. Thank you!

  27. I was inspired to start donating many years ago by my friend, Heidi, who visited Ninos del Sol. I continue to be inspired by Ninos del Sol and hope this donation helps.

  28. I am deeply touched by all the good this project is doing! Supporting the kids sustainably to go on to create prosperous lives for themselves. Knowing how to grow cook eat use herbs and music! Love it all. I don’t have much but I can donate some.

  29. My cousin referred me to this sight and asked to watch the videos and not specifying which one, I watched them all and was profoundly moved by the love, nurtering on different levels, the soulfulness, and sacredness that’s has been created for these beautiful soul lights to flourish from and live from.

  30. I miss everyone and it is so lovely to see all your smiling faces on the newsletters and hear your stories.

  31. I have beautiful memories of visiting with your family. Thank you for all you share!

  32. I believe in the good work you all are doing and this small offering comes from my heart to cheer you all on!!!

  33. This donation is on behalf of The Class ( and represents a percentage of our revenue from Community Classes we have taught for our customers in 2022. Thank you for all the great work you do and we look forward to supporting your cause throughout 2023 and beyond.

  34. Para mis peruanitos. Ojala con el tiempo podamos ayudar mas.

    Karin Florez
    Little Inka Founder

  35. I volunteered and stayed at casa de Milagros in during Christmas 2004/2005. The kids always held a special place in my heart.

    I would love to help support the older kids in their university journeys.

  36. This donation is on behalf of The Class ( Our founder, Taryn Toomey, commits a portion of revenue from our Community Classes to your great organization every quarter. Thank you for doing the great work that you do.

  37. I donate monthly to Case de Milagros…at least that is the name I remember when I had the honor to meet and volunteer there with Mama Kia in 2004 and 2005.

  38. I live in California, and met Avishai and Viviana back in 2008, before they worked with Niños del Sol. I have followed their work and the trajectory of the Casa and the familia they have helped foster and raise, but to date have not contributed financially. I myself and retired now, and though my financial situation is not great, I have enough to be able to share a little bit. It is so important that even when times are rough we do what little bit we can to help co-create the kind of world we believe in. It all adds up, or goes into the great soup pot of love, whatever metaphor works! Love and blessings!

  39. I spent time with Vivianna, Avishai and the children whenever we are teaching our shamanic trainings in Peru. I love spending time with the children and seeing them soar by having a deeply loving home with a team that does everything to give these beautiful souls a chance to shine their light, gifts and talents. Bless this great work for the Children of the Sun!

  40. I am so touched by these young people making such a difference in the world. You are an inspiration. You give hope.
    This money is from a Market where I offered my driftwood art in exchange for a donation for you!
    much love Pat / Dancing Heart

  41. I have been a donor for years, and have returned to the area for a visit, looking forward to seeing the kids

  42. I love the work you’re doing with the children!! It fills my heart with hope for the future of our world 🙏🏼

  43. Making change in the lives of young people, giving them options for a future is so important for all OUar futures. Admiration for your work

  44. I don’t have children. I like helping kids of the world to become self sufficient, confident, giving adults… to make this planet a better place, one kid at a time.

  45. Donating thankfully for the wonderful retreat and chocomacas this September. Hopefully I’ll join again in the near future to strengthen the bonds created and also contribute to this and other benevolent orgs ahead.

  46. I have been a distant supporter for many years, and after a friends and family fundraiser, I am happy to donate from my foundation, Project Elevation! It’s so wonderful to watch the children grow and thrive. Wonderful work everyone!!!

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