COVID Relief for the Niños

We need to keep our kids’ education moving forward during the COVID lockdown. Can you help?

Campaign has ended

Peru is suffering one of the highest COVID death rates in the world, and it’s torn the economy apart. We are some of the lucky ones — thanks to you, we have food, shelter, and some steady income during this crisis. 

Our Niños are still gathered at the big Casa in Urubamba. We’ve given up the apartment for the college kids in Cusco — for now — and they are doing a great job studying remotely.

However, the high schoolers have struggled with remote learning. With only 3 months left in the school year, Viviana wants to bring in tutors to work with them onsite.


The entire cost of the program is just $1,000 per month for all the kids — and there are only 3 months left in the school year in Peru — but that’s more than we have to spare during these difficult times. 

We’ve trimmed about 25% off our expenses, including voluntary pay cuts by our senior staff members, and we’re getting by — but we can’t do this without your help. 

(note: If we go above the goal for this campaign, we’ll either put the excess donations into the general fund or use them to extend our in-home school program into next year.)

Can you pitch in to keep our Niños’ education moving forward during the shutdown?

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