An Update from the Niñas in Israel

Last summer, our generous donors all pitched in to send two of our young women to Israel to volunteer on a kibbutz for one year. I’m very happy to report that Ray Shael and Guadalupe are doing wonderfully!

At first, the girls told me the desert landscape looked like another planet (specifically Mars). They had to adjust to a new environment, new foods, a new way of life, and a new community all at once — plus they had to figure out how to connect in a new language!

Six months later, the Niñas are thriving. The kibbutz is thrilled to have them and can’t wait to receive more volunteers from Niños del Sol. And the girls are growing spiritually and psychologically by leaps and bounds, working hard and enjoying a life filled with experiences they never could have had in their village in Peru.

It’s hard to imagine how life-changing this experience is for them! We’re so proud of them for having the courage to set off on this grand adventure — and we’re so grateful to you, our donors and Global Family, for understanding that it takes much more than food and shelter to raise the leaders of tomorrow.

Your investment in Niños del Sol is already being paid forward into the community, as these young women are inspiring everyone back home to see more and bigger possibilities in life.

We hope to continue this successful cultural exchange in the coming years!

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