An update for our supporters from Viviana, our Executive Director

Dear Global Family,

The year is well on its way! We have all children returning to school after having a great ending to their summer’s vacation thanks to your generous support.

From all 15 children, two were the only ones that previously experienced the sea; now all of them are grateful and happy to have seen the Ocean and played in the sand as they saw how the colors of the sky changed with the sun rises and sunsets.

Avishai took upon himself to organize and care for all kids on this epic journey to the Southern Peruvian Coast; he had great support from Kellie (the children’s in-home tutor) and our two brand new volunteers, Nitzan and Romi, that just arrived on the same morning when everyone was going on the trip.

All kids are thriving and becoming more conscious of themselves and their paths, each of them is excelling at what they do and want to learn more about the world and everything there is for them to contribute to transformation.

Soledad’s two older sisters (Lisbett 16 and Marlitt 13) that recently joined the family are adjusting very well and all girls and boys at home are doing a wonderful job in making them feel welcome.

Our US Board President, Lauren, has been a magnificent addition to de Ninos del Sol’s family, she was with us in Peru for a couple of months, the children enjoyed her loving presence every time she gifted them with a special day at her magic garden. Lauren not only works for the Ninos del Sol home to continue, but she took the time to know each child and their dreams, for that we are all grateful.

The owner of the building in which the NdS’s home is now adding a new third floor in which we’re planning to have spaces to continue with Kundalini Yoga practice, a room for arts and crafts and a space for a ping-pong table. The laundry area is moving up to the rooftop where we will be installing a new washing machine which was donated by our friends from the Telluride Yoga group from Colorado … all kids are very grateful since now they will be able to do part of their laundry in a machine instead of doing all by hand!!

Over the last year, we have seen an amazing transformation thanks to your ongoing support and an effective US Board led by our brilliant new US Board’s President, Lauren Haas. The atmosphere of goodwill and mutual support at home is better than it has ever been.

We thank you all for everything you do, we look forward to having your visit and for you to see the beautiful fruits of our shared work.

May you be Healthy, Holy, Happy!

Much gratitude and love,


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