A Special Request from Viviana

Niños del Sol is changing as our “niños” become teenagers and young adults. As in every family we face the gifts and the challenges of growing up.

Our program has been successful in providing a decent and prosperous life to the group of children we inherited from Mama Kia — thanks to your undying support and trust throughout the years that it takes to raise, nourish, and educate children. Thanks to you, the kids at Ninos del Sol have the opportunity to be educated in such a way that the poverty and abuse cycles stop with them.

A brilliant project

We have a project that could allow our young adults, particularly the girls, to experience life in a foreign land. We wish for them to have the opportunity to know themselves, to discover their capabilities, to learn that there are men that are not out there to hurt them, to trust themselves, to trust new people, to see their talents, strength, and beauty as they discover life away from their comfort zone.  

Doris, the first girl we sent to volunteer in Israel, returned last December after staying at Kibbutz Samar for almost 2 years. Doris is 20 years old now. She returned confident, emotionally strong, with a high sense of self, knowing better which way to steer her own life. She learned that past trauma does not have to be the bond that stops her from BEING, Instead, it is the catalyst for her life to take off and for her to manifest her wishes and dreams.

Doris recently was accepted in the Agronomy and Veterinary Program at a Technical School where she began studying to attain superior education.

Guadalupe and Ray Shael

Once Doris returned, Guadalupe and Ray Shael asked for the opportunity to be volunteers at the same kibbutz (Samar) where Doris was.

Both of them have graduated from higher education. They both worked on the tourist railroads before the pandemic, and they live independently now away from the Casa. Now they are both holding odd jobs with extremely low salaries since tourism in Peru has stopped.

Still, they’ve been saving for this. They are each able to contribute to their trip with $500, but they will need quite a bit more to cover their airfare, insurance, and expenses.

That’s why we appeal to you for their journey to be possible. 

Why is this important for our young women?

This opportunity is available to all of our youth, but at the moment it is our young women who have chosen to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, Peru is one of the nations in the world with a high rate of violence against women. For this to change, our women must change.

This happens when we as a society provide the needed tools for the transformation. Once any human realizes and acts in manifesting their inner power, life transforms, abuse stops, violence and poverty are no more accepted as a norm for themselves or for anyone else.
Your support makes possible this transformation, your trust in life allows for change to be on a large scale. You in some other part of the world are the trigger for life as LIFE to take off. 

Let’s dream together to be the alchemists that we are.
With gratitude, love,

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