A Note from Ray Shael

I am Ray Shael Gutiérres Mamani,

I am now 22 years old , I grew up with the Niños del Sol family since I was 4 years old.

I lived with Mama Kia, after her passing and our going from hand to hand we finally become a family when Viviana and Avishai arrived.

Thanks to the opportunity to have higher education, I studied at a technical school to become a tourism services agent. Until the pandemic began, I was working in the Machu Picchu trains for the Inca Rail corporation.

Now I have odd jobs at different markets and storefronts. This gives me the possibility to afford to pay for some of my personal expenses but does not allow for me to go beyond in my development.

I would like to travel to Israel to work as a volunteer at Kibbutz Samar, a place where we have the opportunity to explore our own being, a place where I would like to be to know more about myself and my abilities.

I want to live in another society where perhaps my being a woman will be valued and respected. I want to face my fears of the unknown and I want to return to Perú to be of service to my people, to be an example to my younger siblings still living at Niños del Sol.

Because of the current economic situation, I am able to contribute to my expenses with only 500 dollars. Your support would allow me to gather the necessary amount to complete paying for my travel expenses. This will be possible only with your support, just as my education was possible because of you.

Thanks to your support I did not become one more young woman with children and an abusive man near me. Thanks to you I am a young woman who believes that making my dreams come true is real.

Please, support my campaign, I Will not disappoint you. I will shine and open up to myself

Thanks for your trust in me

I am thankful to you!

Ray Shael

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