A note from Guadalupe

Hello friends.

I am Guadalupe Centeno Tipe,

I grew up at the Mama Kia home since I was 4 years old,. Today I’m 25 years old and I belong now to the Ninos del Sol family with Viviana and Avishai.

I’m writing this letter to share my desire to go to Israel to experience life and volunteer work at Kibbutz Samar. 

Guada is the girl on the left in the white shirt. If you visited the Casa during Mama Kia’s time, you may remember Guada this way.

I would like to have this experience to learn about myself in a different society, to learn about other cultures, and to enhance my knowledge by learning about work in a different world than the one I live in.

Doris, one of our sisters, was there volunteering for almost 2 years,. She told me about her experiences and I see the new person that returned to Peru.

I would very much like to grow and develop in a way that perhaps is not much possible in the society I live in.

Guadalupe, center, earned her degree in Accounting.

I completed my education and graduated as an Accountant. I started working in the area of tourism for two and a half years. Due to the pandemic, I stopped working in tourism. Today I’m working in a restaurant as a waitress.

I am a very dynamic and responsible person. I enjoy working with others, and I know that if I’m given the opportunity to travel abroad, I will grow as a woman who is able to be of service to my community or to anyone that may be in need.

Because our economy is suffering due to current world events I’m able to pay only $500 toward travel expenses. Because of this I’m appealing to you to support me in making this experience possible.

Thanks to your support I was able to complete my education and become a young woman that learns about trusting myself and following my dreams.

Thank you for your trust and your support.

Warm wishes,


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