A New Business for Ada!

Watching our young people grow into adulthood and commit themselves to their dreams is the best part of our jobs here at Niños del Sol. And Ada has made us so proud. We couldn’t wait to share this news with you.

Since she was a little girl, Ada has loved animals — whether they’re our Casa pets or animals she meets on the street, she always showers them with affection and treats them with tenderness and respect.

Ada has always known that she wanted to work with animals. And now, through hard work and dedication, she has made her dream a reality.

Ada has just opened her own pet store and grooming business in Urubamba.

She calls her shop “Pelitos” (literal translation is “little hairs.”). Ada offers bathing and grooming services as well as a full range of pet foods and accessories.

She has a beautiful location on Jr. Belén, filled with lively displays and all the grooming equipment needed to give a dog a full spa day.

Starting your own business is a huge step that requires tremendous commitment, courage, and self-confidence, as well as hard work. Ada believes in her dream, and we believe in Ada!

As a small business owner, we hope Ada will grow over time into a leader in the community who can pass forward the love, light, and positive energy that our Global Family has always shown toward our Niños.

We’re so very proud of Ada!

If you’d like to send Ada blessings for her business success, please comment below, and we’ll share your messages with her.

If you’d like to support our work and be part of this life-changing program, you can join our Global Family with a small monthly donation.

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