A Message of Gratitude from Guadalupe

Hi everybody, my name is Guadalupe. Perhaps some of you know me and remember me. I am with this family since I was 5 years old.

Let me tell you that thanks to your support, I was able to travel to Israel. I participated in a volunteering program in Samar, this is a community dedicated to the plantation and harvesting of palm dates.

This happened during the pandemia time. I stayed there one year and a half. This was a valuable and nice experience, although I had some not happy days, I learned how to overcome them.

I also learned more about myself and, to trust people which at the same time helped me to gain self-confidence.

I returned to Perù six months ago. For now, I am still living in the family house. I wanted to go back to work in the Tourism field, but because of the political conflict in Perù, it was not possible.

Then, I found a job in a restaurant where I used to work during the pandemia. Fortunately, I got another job.

Currently, I am working in the area of my studies, I studied Accounting. I like this job. I am writing this letter to thank you for allowing me to stay in the family house for some more time and also to thank you for your support.

Thanks to this, I am able to save some money looking forward to becoming independent money-wise, so I could continue with the long road that is in front of me. Thank you very much for your continued support!!

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