A Gift for You

We want to offer you a gift, with our gratitude for your ongoing support during these stressful and precarious times.

We know that giving to charity is very difficult in times like these. Many people are out of work, small businesses are in danger, and there is a lot of stress and turmoil.

We appreciate so much that you have stood by the Niños and not abandoned them during this time. That stability means the world to a group of kids who’ve been disappointed so many times by the adults they depended on.

Avishai recorded this meditation especially for you, our Global Family, alongside the Urubamba river in Peru. You’ll hear the sounds of nature, and you’ll also hear his dogs, Cusi and Chaska.

This mind-body meditation will help you feel grounded and centered — it’s especially useful when you feel anxious or stressed, but it’s a good daily practice for being mindfully present as well.

If you don’t meditate, you might still want to download this track. When you have insomnia because your mind is racing, this meditation will help you slow down and step out of that whirlwind.

You can play the meditation from this page, or download it to your device.

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